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While waiting to turn left at a stoplight recently, I witnessed something that you don't see very often today. There was a very frail older gentleman attempting to navigate his wheelchair across a very busy road in my city, and he wasn't making much progress, despite his best efforts.

This particular road has three lanes running in both directions, and the gentleman was moving much too slowly to make it across all six lanes of traffic before the lights turned green. Fearing for his safety, I was preparing to get out of my car to help when a couple showed up out of nowhere and began pushing him across the street to safety.

Those of us sitting in our cars were clapping and cheering in support of this couple and their generosity. I'll never forget the look of happiness and relief on the gentleman's face when he realized that he was being helped. When all three of them made it to the other side, they embraced with big, wide smiles on their faces.

Never underestimate how being generous to someone can help lift them out of a challenging circumstance. The connection that you experience, even if it is only for a short time, and good feelings that you experience when doing so add meaning to life.

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