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Live Your Humanity


The demanding expectations of a family and a career are only growing.

The accelerated passage of time is weighing heavily on stressed and anxious minds. And our fast-paced world shows no signs of slowing.

It’s easy for everyday stressors to shift your focus away from the needs of

others, but focusing only on your needs can create emotional distance

between yourself and the rest of the world. Values like integrity, kindness,

compassion and love are some of the first to go if they aren’t cultivated

and nurtured through human connection.

When we push away these core values, it can be difficult to treat one another with

respect, love, dignity, or acceptance. Instead, we live in seats of judgment,

fear, and anxiety.

It was only after Ron Hammond experienced the negative effects of

living in fear and judgment that he set out to change his life. His quest

led to a shift in his consciousness, which revealed to him the value and

vibrancy of human connection. Energized by the positive results he

experienced, Ron Hammond shares his discoveries throughout the

chapters of Live Your Humanity.


Activating the human values that you already have will lead you to a fulfilling

life of meaning and connection.

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